Finding and buying the perfect jewellery can be a long and personal process. But what happens after you buy?

Here are some tips to keep your jewellery in good shape and up to date.


Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man & can be passed down from one generation to the next but to ensure the safety of your precious jewellery & to ensure it is always looking its most beautiful, we recommend the following:

1. If you notice any loose stones bring the jewellery to us immediately.

2. Have your jewellery checked & professionally cleaned by our diamond experts very year.

3. Wipe your diamond jewellery with a soft cloth daily to remove surface finger marks & grease.

4. Clean your jewellery weekly with a toothbrush, warm water & detergent to remove soap or dirt behind the setting. Rinse in cold clear water afterwards.

5. Store your precious jewellery safely in separate pouches or soft lined compartment boxes.